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Date: 24 Mar 2008

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> > I like Bogie as much as the next yegg but here's
> more heresy -- I
> > prefer Dick Powell's Marlowe. I thought Bogie's
> Marlowe was just
> > reheated Spade, with more wisecracks.
> >
> Reheated in what sense? Bogart had not played the
> role before, had he?
> I think he did a superb job, not based on looks but
> on acting. He was
> a more commanding actor than Powell, I would say.
***************************************************** Bogart certainly brought more substance to the role than Powell. There's an element of comedy to Dick Powell's Marlowe rather like William Powell's Nick Charles, which I find out of keeping with the Chandler character. With all the wise cracks and double entendres in the script, Bogart's Marlowe is still a character we take seriously. He commands respect from everyone who meets him. Even in the script, Dick Powell's Marlowe gets little respect from authorities, and the criminals assume they can outsmart him.

Patrick King

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