Re: RARA-AVIS: ECHO PARK by M. Connelly

Date: 16 Mar 2008

> The apparent randomness of
> the of the characters, their inability to control
> their emotions, and their ambivilance, sometimes
> downright hostility to each other makes the story so
> realistic and involving the names bother me less and
> less as I'm more and more interested in what's going
> to happen.
one other thing about Harry Bosch's name: he was deliberately named after the Dutch painter by his prostitute mother, who kept the identity of his father secret from him. when he returned from his stint in Vietnam, Bosch discovered that his father was a prominent L.A. attorney named J. Michael Haller, who used to represent his mother. the younger Bosch visited his father on the man's death bed and discovered that he has half-siblings. the illegitimate son of a prostitute, Bosch has kept his distance from the family his entire adult life

John Lau

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