RARA-AVIS: recent purchases

From: DJ-Anonyme@webtv.net
Date: 15 Mar 2008

Would appreciate any comment on these books I bought today:

A Shadow in the Wild by Whit Masterson

I know it's the pseudonym under which the Wade Miller pair wrote the book Touch of Evil was based on. Never heard of this. Any good?

The Devil's Home on Leave by Derek Raymond

Already read it, but it was cheap. This mass market paperback will be easier to carry around when I reread it.

A Devil for O'Shaugnessy/Three Way Split by Gil Brewer

Recently praised here.

The Dead Past & Sorrow's Crown by Tom Piccirilli

Just finished his upcoming, great The Cold Spot, which I'll comment on later. This pair is from a decade earlier. It's a Berkeley Prime Crime Mystery, published around the time they were narrowing their line to mostly female writers and characters, judging by the series advertised inside (and dumping writers like John Shannon, if I recall correctly). Guess Piccirilli made the cut because his Felicity Grove series is about Grandma Anna, along with her grandson, Jonathan Kendrick, described by Ed Gorman as, "one part Matt Scudder, one part aging Huck Finn, and one part Archie Goodwin." Looks a bit cozy to me, but Cold Spot impressed me enough to want to check out others by him. Maybe it'll be a dark small town series like John J. Riggs's (also from Berkeley). Liked that one a lot.


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