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Date: 15 Mar 2008

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> On the other hand, there is no humor of the type you
> find in McBain/Hunter or Leonard to lighten the
> intensity and heighten the engagement. Bosch is a
> depressed person who keeps going because of his
> obsession with his job. He's very intelligent but he
> gets stuck thinking in one direction and this causes
> most of his problems. Also, Connelly seems obsessed
> with tacky nick names. Garland's father is Thomas Rex
> Garland, hence T. Rex. The ADA is Rick O'Shea, the
> killer is Reynard Waits. And to top it off, Harry
> Bosch's given name is Hieronymus! Come on! I'm reading
> this very realistic crime novel and the characters all
> sound like comic book villians. I must say that every
> time I run into one of these names it pulls me out of
> the story and makes me think how silly these names
> are. Still, Waits' police sobriquet, "The Bagman" is,
> in my opinion, very good and believable.

I was going to comment on Connelly's propensity for funny nicknames later on in my protracted and superficial essay, but now is as good a time as any. it is certainly a trait of his. by and large however, they are nicknames given to the characters by other characters. but sometimes, as in Echo Park or in Blood Work, the names are aliases which are clues

if this is your first exposure to the author, know that Echo Park is representative of the quality of the Bosch series in general. while there are digressions in the form interspersed in the series, everything you like about the book is nonetheless prevalent throughout what will be 14 volumes by the time of his next release. a laudable achievement

it is true that there isn't humor in the narrative such as you'll find in say, Robert Crais, Don Winslow or Carl Hiaasen, but the character does have a dry and even passive/aggressive wit, albeit not often expressed

thanks for giving me the opportunity to comment, thereby removing my guilt to write and post another installment today. ahhh, saturday

John Lau

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