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From: Patrick King (
Date: 08 Mar 2008

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> Patrick wrote:
> "If you judge the characters by your own standards
> while they obviously
> don't have your advantages, you're not going to get
> the movie."
> While I agree with your basic sentiments, I was just
> pointing out that
> Stone's story was at least as much based on literary
> tradition and
> symbolism as on realism. In fact, your comparison
> to Crane seems to
> imply you agree.
> Mark
***************************************************** I do agree, but the "Please!" a the end of your comment seems to imply you think the use of this tradition undermines the statement of the film. Like any good entertainer, Stone created his protagonists to impact the sensibilities of the majority in his audience, both veterans and non-veterans. That those sensibilities may neither be yours nor Richard Nixon's hardly curtails the power of the film on the audience to whom its designed to speak. If you don't think that audience should be addressed at all, we have a whole different discussion brewing. Obviously, PLATOON was very successful. There are those who know more about the subject than I do who say it's the only good film made about the Viet Nam conflict. I don't know that, but I do know it mirrors the time it was set in and the values many of us held at that time.

Patrick King

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