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From: Steve Novak (
Date: 24 Feb 2008

Well...although I¹ve lived in the US since 69...I would say, from the French point of view, that anything from Belgium is to the French like anything from Poland to Americans...and I just confirmed it (sadly enough) through a few e-mails with family members and friends (much younger than me) in the French Southwest and Northeast...hasn¹t changed it seems in 30 or so years...but basically.... you¹re always a peasant to somebody else...and class/race/origin/gender... play exactly the same roles within the US
(north/south-east/west-immigrant/not....all these binary oppositions that complicate the shit out of everything...) Is is animosity, is it bias???

I¹m not completely sure about your question Dave: of course to some of us, bred and raised with a unified Europe (Common Market utopia) in mind, to see many years later that the Belgians are almost as silly as the Serb, Croats, Slovenians...etc...and reproducing alienated patterns of behaviour through their punny nasty internal wars, bitchin¹, separations, mass murders, brings outward animosity for that your question???
...yet the same people would defend Catalan, Basque, or Corsican rights to the core...

Where do we go with these pretty nasty and noir thoughts though is open to discussion...and how is this reflected in crime stories
(noir/hardboiled...etc..) published is even a larger question...


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> A question for the European members of the groups--is their
> some sort of animosity brewing among other European countries these
> days against Belgium?
> --Dave Z.

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