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Date: 18 Feb 2008

Spelling is a minor issue; the full range of functionalities is a major issue. A key point: the way Yahoo Groups is set up, I can receive all emails; a daily digest; or no emails at all. What I can't do is decide which topics and threads are of interest to me and receive update notices on just those topics. Once you have gotten used to the ability to do that, the lack of ability to do it is frankly somewhat infuriating. Think of all the annoyance that was created by the endless back-and-forth on Altman's The Long Goodbye, which could have been easily resolved if people could decide to subscribe to that thread or not, based on their preference.

Formats move on and improve. The "no frills" approach strikes me as antiquated and very lacking in user-friendliness, and I am scarcely a technological determinist.


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> > I should add: one would also have the ability to edit one's own posts
> > (how many times have you wished to do that, bothered by a mis-spelling
> > or a mis-statement of fact?); to send private messages through the
> > board itself; to do advanced searches; to have "buddy" and "ignore"
> > lists; and so on.
> I strongly prefer the no frills format. And spelling is not the point
> here, content is. We are not writing for posterity but chatting about
> topics that interest us. Our utterances are perishable (just like we are).
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