RARA-AVIS: Re: Memento

From: Charlie Williams ( cs_will@hotmail.com)
Date: 14 Feb 2008

While we're on a reversal theme (and getting back to books), I recommend Martin Amis's TIME'S ARROW. He never gets as deep as you want him to go but he sure knows how to have fun with words. Not noir or HB, I know. But he did write NIGHT TRAIN. I've had that one on my shelf for years, unread, bruised and bloody from the slagging it's got from virtually every genre fan but still standing, calling me. I suspect I'll love it. But I'm just a little afraid to read it in case I don't.


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> For fans of things that run backwards, can I recommend Harold
> "Betrayal." (Filmed in 1983) It's an incredible feat of writing,
and works
> better than you would ever think, though it's not noir.
> John Shannon
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