RARA-AVIS: Barry Gifford

From: Nathan Cain ( IndieCrime@gmail.com)
Date: 11 Feb 2008

I just finished The Sinaloa Story by Barry Gifford, a writer probably best known for Wild At Heart, which David Lynch made into a movie. The book started out with a plot (A hooker and her boyfriend plot to rob a pimp) but it fell apart halfway through. The narrative just completely disintegrated into a bunch of very loosely connected vignettes that have nothing to do with the original plot, and the protagonist disappears only to reappear at the end, after being shot and left for dead by some cult members, who have no connection to anything else in the story. It's never explained how he met them or what happened. (I can see why David Lynch likes him so much. They think alike.) Does anyone know if his other works fail as spectacularly as this one?

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