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From: Steve Novak (
Date: 28 Jan 2008

Confirms other Œsightings¹ of this Œworld star¹ who has high-intensity prima-donna behaviour...but Ellroy is no slouch whatsoever at that game and his last apparition (at least the last I attended) in Ann Arbor, Mi, was worthy of any rock star make a bad pun...

Montois in D鴲oit

On 1/28/08 9:09 PM, "Karen G. Anderson" <> wrote:
        It's interesting to read the brief discussion of Vachss works. I read
> two of his earlier Burke books, admired them, but then was involved
> with a book festival in Seattle at which he was a panelist. His
> behavior toward his fellow panelists and the moderator was so
> intensely and energetically rude that I've been unwilling to buy
> anything else he's written.
> But, yes, as I recall, his books certainly occupy a position at the
> darker, tougher end of the crime fiction continuum.
> --Karen

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