RARA-AVIS: Re: Mercenary question

From: Racerick75@aol.com
Date: 25 Jan 2008

Dave Zeltzerman wrote:

Being a bit of a smart aleck, I'd like to ask some of the nonwriters here to guess what the above magazines would pay for a longish story
(say 6000 words).

At The Back Alley, we pay $25 per story, regardless of length. I'm almost ashamed to pay so little, but it's all we can afford, and it all comes straight out of my pocket (we don't sell advertising - at least not yet).

I should also mention that $25 is currently the MWA minimum to be a qualified publisher, a status we are seeking. The fact that MWA, which many of its members proudly state is the organization for 'professional' mystery authors, supports a minimum payment per story this low is itself an indicator of the state of the business/art at this time. R

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