Re: RARA-AVIS: Mercenary Questions

From: Dave Zeltserman (
Date: 22 Jan 2008

> I would guess $500 tops. A guy who writes good advertising or
> marketing copy can make that in a day. Short stories (a high art form)
> have not paid diddly for decades. And with 5,000 copies sold being
> considered a success, I can understand why so many writers consider
> their writing as a mere supplement to their other activities, not
> viceversa. And it's not just the US. In Spain, for example, where a
> huge number of books are published each year, sales tend to be pitiful
> (5,000 sold is a success, same benchmark!). It's sad to see great
> books, highly acclaimed by the critics, and so few people read them...
> In some cases it is the translations that allow the writer to make
> some money.
> Best,
> mrt

For a 6000 word story:

AHMM, EQMM: roughly $360 (at least that's roughly what I'm getting paid by them--they might have a sliding scale for better known writers)

Murdaland: $150

Out of the Gutter: $0 + contributor's copy

Crimewave: Don't know

depressing, ain't it??

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