RARA-AVIS: definitions

From: DJ-Anonyme@webtv.net
Date: 07 Dec 2007

No, I'm not trying to reignite the debate. However, I'm currently reading Geoffrey O'Brien's Sonata for Jukebox (one of these days I've got to read his Hardboiled America) and I ran across this line about defining rock and roll:

"Any attempt to nail the music down is too restrictive for a culture whose whole point is to find out what happens when every form of restriction is removed."

An artisitic form cannot be pinned down as long as it remains alive and vital. If it still has an ability to evolve, it cannot be thoroughly contained (which may be why some are so meticulous in narrowing genres to very precise, specific time periods and titles), since any mutations would have to break through the existing boundaries. The only place it can be thoroughly dissected is on the autopsy table, in retrospect.


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