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Date: 07 Dec 2007

I refuse to take the bait -- I'm not going to argue the obvious. There's not a reference book on film noir that doesn't consider Kiss Me Deadly an essential film noir and a high point of the cycle. I do think it is a culminative rather than a seminal expression of the noir style, since it comes late in the cycle. But I see no point in rehashing what makes it noir. Thousands of writers have done that! It would be like arguing over whether Hamlet is a tragedy. Anyone could assert that it isn't one, and could no doubt muster some sort of arguments along that line, the human mind being the infinitely flexible instrument that it is. But no one is obliged to pay attention to someone else's essentially private definitions, or waste time on trying to defend the common meaning of terms against such definitions. If you are asserting that Hamlet is not a tragedy or that Kiss Me Deadly is not a film noir, you have gone outside the realm of social discourse; you are talking to yourself. If we had to argue over the meaning of each word in a sentence, no communication could ever take place.


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> > Ah, the singularity of opinions is an amazing thing,
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> OK, I'll bite. Are you saying that Kiss Me, Deadly
> *is* an essential film noir?
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