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Date: 06 Dec 2007

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> But the film, KISS ME DEADLY, is an essential "noir"
> example, employing, in many cases inventing, essential
> aspects of the style. Altman's film, THE LONG GOODBYE,
> thows all of these essentials out including the story
> and leaves us with an empty dective out of his time in
> an anti-"noir" atmosphere. Maybe its an interesting
> idea, not to me, but I guess to some. I sure wish he'd
> used a different detective and a different title.

Chandler's concept is of a tarnished knight, tilting at windmills, out of his time. he was always intended to be an anachronism and a bit of a failure. Altman's take, in its time, is no less the same concept

John Lau

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