RARA-AVIS: A Whiff of Sulphur -- Eureka!

From: Jack Bludis ( buildsnburns@yahoo.com)
Date: 06 Dec 2007

Jim and Mark--


Until your recent posts about "disrespect" of Altman for Chandler, I didn't remember much about the Elliot Gould rendition of Marlowe.

I not only finally got it, but I remembered the whole movie in a kind a eureka moment.

Yep, it was pretty bad.

Whether Romeo or Piramus came first is insignificant. They both came from an old Italian legend of family conflict. I'll get the spelling wrong, of course, but the families were the Guelph's and the Gibboleins (laughter please.)

As a writer, I always thing about things like "where do ideas come from," so the idea that Shakespeare made fun of the legend in MIDSUMMER and then immortalized it with ROMEO, is pretty intriguing.

Again guys, thanks. I'll still be looking for Altman's version on TCM to see just how bad it was -- or if it was satire or parody.

Jack Bludis

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