Re: RARA-AVIS: Block's collaborations w/Westlake

Date: 28 Nov 2007

Ed wrote:

"I was reading Larry Block's TELLING LIES and ran across his revelation that he wrote three novels with Donald Westlake (p. 69). Block goes on to say they were soft porn books, but he gives no title or publisher."

At least one of them is So Willing by Sheldon Lord and Alan Marshall. I haven't had time to get the the Library of Congress Copyright Card Catalog yet, but I'll look for the others when I do.

Was it also in Telling Lies that Block revealed that the currently discussed Deadly Honeymoon (of which I'm also not a fan) was based on an idea of Westlake's. After Westlake decided not to pursue it, Block asked if it was okay if he did.


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