Re: RARA-AVIS: Block's collaborations w/Westlake

From: Ed Lynskey (
Date: 28 Nov 2007

Of the three references I find in the index to DEADLY, Block only says he took the idea from "another writer" but "with permission". I suspect you're right, Mark, in that it was Westlake. The two pseudonyms and SO WILLING are not indexed.


--- wrote:

> Ed wrote:
> "I was reading Larry Block's TELLING LIES and ran across his
> revelation
> that he wrote three novels with Donald Westlake (p. 69). Block
> goes on
> to say they were soft porn books, but he gives no title or
> publisher."
> At least one of them is So Willing by Sheldon Lord and Alan
> Marshall. I
> haven't had time to get the the Library of Congress Copyright
> Card
> Catalog yet, but I'll look for the others when I do.
> Was it also in Telling Lies that Block revealed that the
> currently
> discussed Deadly Honeymoon (of which I'm also not a fan) was
> based on an
> idea of Westlake's. After Westlake decided not to pursue it,
> Block
> asked if it was okay if he did.
> Mark
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