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From: Terrill Lankford (
Date: 27 Nov 2007

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>From: Ivan Van Laningham <>
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>Hi All--
>My point was that the "printed example" wasn't an example; I was not
>"calling Brian to the mat" for anything, I'm genuinely interested and
>would really like the facts; I know perfectly well he was not the
>original poster; and any "twisting" happening here is yours, Terril.

Ivan, either I did not get my thoughts across clearly (quite possible) or you missed the point of the post. I did not mean to imply that YOU were "calling Brian onto the mat" or that you, in fact, were responsible for the "twisting" of facts. There had been a series of posts from various people before yours that I was also referring to.

However, I don't see how the "printed example" is not an example of what everyone seemed to be looking for. And why it's not enough to end an off topic debate. If those words had ever been printed on the cover of an official version of any of the books, it sounds like a solved mystery to me. You found the example. You cracked the case!

I'm not sure what I was twisting with my post, but it seems to be in your pants. So I apologize. My bad.


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