RARA-AVIS: Re: Allow me to introduce myself

From: terry bowman ( foolesgold@gmail.com)
Date: 26 Nov 2007

Welcome aboard Clair. You've got quite a collection of stories over there. In regards to brevity, you do yourself an injustice. Flash fiction is a tough form to be successful in.

Write on!


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> Been lurking a while, probably will lurk more than post as I'm not as
> well-read as most of the posters. I have a good excuse though-- I'm
> young.
> I love Raymond Chandler and he's the main reason I got into
> hardboiled and/or crime noir writing. In fact, I use "The Big Sleep"
> and "Lady in the Lake" in classes I teach. I'm an alternative/adult
> high school teacher of English and History, and have been since I
> finally got Eastern Michigan U. to release it's hold on my wallet and
> let me graduate.
> As a lurker and fan of hardboiled crime noir, I'm finding my
> membership in this group to be exceptionally educational. I only
> wish I had more time to spend reading even just some of the books and
> authors recommended and discussed. Since I like to think I write
> something akin to hardboiled crime noir, I think anything I learn can
> only improve my writing.
> I'm a big fan of hardboiled chicks, but find so few of them in
> writing. I'm still on my quest to find a modern female version of
> Phillip Marlowe (more or less, as there really is only one Phillip
> Marlowe.) I haven't found this leading dame, yet, but I have written
> a number of stories with my own female lead. She's Bo Fexler-- a
> sexy, smart, modern private eye with cell phone, internet and music
> by Garbage. I'll put a shameless plug for my site
> www.bofexler.blogspot.com and encourage any interested readers that
> way. I have links to most of Bo's thirty-some published stories.
> That's me in a nut shell. A large nut shell, since I'm not real good
> at brevity.
> Signed--
> Clair Dickson

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