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Date: 26 Nov 2007

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>Hi All--
>I've never seen any compilation by Burroughs entitled that. A quick
>google revealed multiple ERB bibliographic sites; I checked several,
>and found no instances of "chronicle" anywhere, unless it happened to
>mention Bradbury's book. The only instance that came up on
> for author "Burroughs" and title "Martian
>Chronicles" was to a single listing for "Gods of Mars, The - Martian
>Chronicles, vol. 2", a 1979 Ballantine paperback. That subtitle was
>never used for earlier Ballantine editions--I know, 'cause I had most
>of them.
>Can you point me to a bibliographic reference that might give the publisher?

Isn't one printed example enough to put this incredibly off-topic discussion to rest? Do we have to keep beating this poor dead Martian?

Even if Brian had mistakenly confused the two different works (which he did not), he's not even the one who originally introduced Burroughs into the discussion (which seemed a little ridiculous at the time). He was merely riffing on the original post. Then all of a sudden he was being called onto the mat for bringing it up. Which he had not.

It's kind of amazing how things keep getting so twisted about as of late on rara-avis. It almost seems like some form of madness.


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