RARA-AVIS: Hammett and Hemingway

From: Jack Bludis ( buildsnburns@yahoo.com)
Date: 26 Nov 2007

Boys, boys, play nice.

I notice that when Brian said, Martian Chronicles, it wasn't all caps. He may have referred to Burroughs saga of Mars, which I think was several volumes or at least several stories.

As for Hemingway and Hammett--I'd bet dollars to dimes that each read the others work, and I'd be surprised if either Hammett and Hemingway missed Crane and Twain. (Hammett and Hemingway, Crane and Twain, they roll off the tongue don't they.) Who influenced whom is all conjecture, even when we read scholarly works on it--unless one or the other said it straight out and is quoted in different places.

It's my understanding that Hemingway's biggest influence was the Kansas City Star style sheet. But hell, that's from memory, so I could be way off--I may be way off on everything. Hell Fitzgerald wrote stories for Colliers and the Saturday Evening Post, that sounds romantic to me--at least is sounds slick rather than pulp.

As for Hemingway being a romantic? I always thought that, but I didn't know it was official.

Another piece that I think is right: Hemingway was a reporter in Spain during the civil war. Right? Wrong? Shall we vote? Can anyone verify?

Nobody ask me to prove anything, please. I'm going from memory and offering opinion.

Jack Bludis

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