Re: RARA-AVIS: Recent read: Charles Willeford, Pick Up (SPOILER)

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Date: 15 Nov 2007

One year after Brown v Board? Even more so, I would think. Assuming "whiteness" without hearing it from the author is a big no-no (angry? you've fallen into the trap, if so), and similar technique has always been one of the many nifty pinwheels in social satire's bag of performing cats.

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> I don't know what other Avians think of the final twist, the

revelation that

> Jordan is black - it certainly made me put the book down a little


> and suddenly view it all in a different light and then, bizarrely

feel a little

> tricked by and annoyed at the author. I guess it's of its time, 1955

I also didn't know how to take the

ending. Could someone who read it

back when it was written respond to

the revelation?


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