Re: RARA-AVIS: Chandler vs. Altman

Date: 12 Nov 2007

Colin wrote:

"Altman liked the new ending so much that he insisted on a clause in his contract that guaranteed the ending wouldn't be changed during production or editing."

Must not have applied to TV. In the days before cable, I saw it end with a freeze frame of Marlowe pointing his gun at Lennox, leaving it to the viewer to decide whether he shot him or brought him in to justice.

'Now, we can all wait and see what Frank Miller does with Trouble is My Business (which I've seen with a 2009, or even 2010! release date attached to it) - many novels are, I believe, simply too complex to fit into a feature film, so perhaps a short story/novella is the ideal form from which to adapt? - and argue over whether Clive Owen is fit to fill the shoes that walk down those mean streets."

I'm just hoping it leads to the US DVD release of Owen playing Brit PI Nick Sharman. Always wanted to see those.


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