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Date: 05 Nov 2007

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> > Which is the book
> > where he starts off a drunk and has to sober up to
> > save Velma? Isn't
> > that just the kind of dealing with booze that
> > Patrick complained about?
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> He drinks hot coffee with Pat and gets over it. I
> wouldn't say he "works through" the problem. I don't
> think he even throws up. Hammer's ability to handle
> booze is quite magical in all the books. My point is,
> be it Hammer with booze or Spade with sociopaths, most
> people cannot hope to deal with reality in this same
> manner. That's what makes this escapist material. Mike
> Hammer in an AA meeting sounds like a George Carlin
> routine. Spillane would never have done it because the
> idea is a downer.
> Patrick King

I love the idea of Mike Hammer in an AA meeting. George Carlin is a good idea (he usually is with me) but a Saturday Night Live type skit with various other characters would work as well.

In many of the early hardboiled stories there was an unreality about the hero's ability to handle booze as well as the bounceback time from a beating. This was exaggerated even further in Hollywood.

Richard Moore

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