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From: Patrick King (
Date: 05 Nov 2007

--- Kevin Burton Smith
<> wrote:

> You seem to be confusing hard-boiled literature with
> comic books. Or
> possibly video games. Or Bruce Willis movies. Have
> you actually read
> any of the books you cite? To claim that the heroes
> in the hard-
> boiled genre always succeed in the end is to grossly
> misread the
> massive amount of evidence at hand.
**************************************************** The original conversation was actually about the work of Mickey Spillane. I don't think any of my points are too far off track where Spillane's work is concerned.


> I'm not sure most people NEED to play Chainsawing
> Nuns or whatever to
> curb their "normal" impulses -- and it apparently
> doesn't work,
> anyway. If that were the case, young men (the
> principal players of
> video games) would not be the most violent segment
> of society. Or are
> you suggesting that we need more video games that
> feature more violence?
> And how on earth is skateboarding violent?
*************************************************** Stop by any hospital in the US, Kevin. There are an awful lot more skateboard related injuries treated on a daily basis than there are, for example, gun shot wounds. Despite the news media playing up every example for all it's worth, it's been decades since I personally saw a shooting in a US street. How about you? A lot of street violence in your neighborhood?

Patrick King

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