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From: James Reasoner (
Date: 31 Oct 2007

If I can quibble about just a couple of things . . .
  Why can't this sort of novel be literature like any other kind of novel that's good enough to merit that distinction (which is pretty much subjective anyway)?
  And if you're referring to the Nick Carter, Killmaster series of the Sixties, Seventies, and Eighties, he was never a vigilante but rather a government agent in all of the books. I believe the earlier incarnations of the character were all private detectives, so they might come closer to falling into the vigilante category, although the ones I've read really don't.
  James Reasoner

Eric Chambers <> wrote:
          It occurred to me recently that Spillane's work influenced a whole subgenre of writing, (I'm not going to say literature.) I refer to the 'vigilante,lone individual dealing out graphically violent "justice" ' series, like the Destroyer,Executioner, Nick Carter , the Penetrator, et al. Spillane wrote Submariner for comics, and the comics character mostly in the vigilante vein is Marvels' 'the Punisher'. And hey, who else but Frank Miller spent time reviving this character back in the early '80's?. On the other hand, think of the 'Shadow' and the pulp influence of this kind of character becomes clear. What goes around comes around.

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