RARA-AVIS: At the movies (SIN CITY)

From: Jack Bludis ( buildsnburns@yahoo.com)
Date: 29 Oct 2007


I tried to like it, I really did. I even told the friends that I watched it with that I liked it. These friends are avid readers who like Connolly, Crais, and Dennis Lehane, but are not necessarily enamored with hardboiled and noir. They went to bed before it was over (we were visiting at their house). My wife sat up and watched it with me to prove she loves me. She was noncommittal about it, which means she hated it, but of course her idea of a good mystery takes place in Cabot Cove.

You know what?

In the harsh light of reflection, all it is, is a comic book that somebody put to the the screen, with some interesting graphics and stories that are just violent act after violent act.

OK, now I'm drummed out of the club.

Jack Bludis

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