Re: RARA-AVIS: Writing is Greatly Overrated; It's the story that counts.

From: Allan Guthrie (
Date: 28 Oct 2007

Thanks for the apology, Kerry. My apologies to you in return.

It's doubtless no surprise at all to learn that as a reader, I can assure you I make no attempt to impose a plot, however minimal, on a book that has none. I stop reading it. As for writers 'implying' a plot in a plotless book, that's the kind of paradox that makes my hair fall out and my left ear go deaf. I also can't fathom how something can be 'especially true'. Either it's true or it isn't. That's me bald, and deaf in both ears now. Thanks, mate.


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> On the flip side, I loved Sallis' Lew Griffin series (as I've said
> before.) In some interview I think I got to through an address on
> this list, Sallis said the series had no plot or plots at all. I know
> that would piss off a number of Rara Avians, but I don't think I
> believe him anyway. The essence of plot is so basic to how we
> organize information to make sense of our worlds that I think readers
> will impose at least a minimal plot if there weren't one, and that
> writers cannot avoid at least implying one, either consciously or
> (sorry Al) unconsciously. This is especially true if the intention in
> consciously avoiding writing a plot is to point out that life lacks
> one, or, as some would suggest, that it doesn't matter.

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