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From: foxbrick ( foxbrick@yahoo.com)
Date: 27 Oct 2007

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> Someone just mentioned him. I haven't heard anything for a long
time and he
> used to be one of my favorites, as well as a regular subject of
gossip. Is he
> still alive and writing?
> Vicki

Yes. The most recent work by him in script form I know to have been produced was his collaborative adaptation (with Josh Olson, who also adapted the graphic novel A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE for film) of one of his early short stories "The Discarded," for the short-lived television series MASTERS OF SCIENCE FICTION, which ABC telecast in August; though only four of the six produced episodes were shown in the US, in Canada the cable channel Space will run all six, including one adapting a story by Walter Mosley. (The other writers whose works were adapted were Robert Sheckley--also unseen here, Robert Heinlein, Howard Fast, and John Kessel...the series, a companion to MASTERS OF HORROR, was uneven, to say the least, and not quite what I'd hoped, to judge by the four.)

I suspect he's still writing fiction, as well...see http://harlanellison.com/heboard/unca.htm as a part of http://harlanellison.com/home.htm for dispatches.

Todd Mason

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