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Date: 25 Oct 2007

Joe Gores wrote a very interesting article on writing short mystery fiction that was originally published in the magazine The Writer. The article "Short Fiction--With a Difference" was reprinted in the book WRITING SUSPENSE AND MYSTERY FICTION edited by A.S. Burack (The Writer, Inc. 1977).

Gores focuses on the writing of "Goodbye, Pops" taking it from his initial creation through revisions suggested by Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine's great editor Fred Dannay. It's a fascinating article on the creative process and the positive interplay between writer and editor. The point is reached where Dannay wrote Gore "I will, of course, run the present version if you wish me to. But I still think that the last scene is not as strong and dramatic as it could or should be..." Dannay then gave a specific suggestion and closed with "Please think it over, Joe, and if you agree, send a revised last page..."

Gores did the revision and "Goodbye, Pops" won the Edgar for the best mystery short of the year. Dannay was a wonderful editor and this piece illustrates how he worked with writers.

Richard Moore

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> > ". . . and was twice selected to be a witness to electrocutions
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> > Joe Gores wrote a very moving story, Second Coming, about being
such a
> > witness.
> "The Second Coming" and "Goodbye, Pops," as read by me as a kid in
> either Robert Arthur or Harold Q. Masur (probably the latter)
> HITCHCOCK PRESENTS: volumes, are stories that have stuck with me
> decades, and will probably continue to do so. "Coming" might even
> helped shape my opinion of the practice.
> Todd Mason

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