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From: Robert Elkin (
Date: 22 Oct 2007

And it would be a fine start to the murderous career of Patrick King. Actually, I'd have a bit less of a problem with you killing him than I would with the govt. doing so, but then again, I remember Nixon too well to trust the govt. with anything even remotely serious. But Patrick, what're you going to do after you kill him, when the man's family or a relative comes hunting you as his murderer? By your own logic you'd be a legitimate target for removal. But that's where I started. Just a big circle. And not much logic except that of death. Try checking out the old Icelandic Njal's Saga [aka The Burning of Njal] for a vivid description of what happens when two families get embroiled in just such a conflict. Rob

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            Kerry, there is no record of any dead person ever

killing anyone! THAT is success! The victims of murder

are never the murdered dead. The murdered dead,

however horribly they've been killed, are dead. The

living victims of murder, every murder, are the

families of the murdered dead. You never feel like

you've done enough. You can never just lay down the

damned sword, because if you do they'll let the

bastard who killed your child out of prison. Do a

google search on Charles Sobhraj and see what you see.

How will you feel when a guy like that moves into your

town? Of course, it couldn't happen to you. No, not to

Kerry Schooley. "They'd" never let a guy like that

move near you. About as likely as winning the lottery!

Maybe we should give Charles Sobhraj a "fair shake."

Maybe he really did do the world a service. All those

"bad" kids he killed. Left up to me, I'd kill Sobhraj

so fast his head would fall in the dirt. Will it stop

some other creep from killing travelers? I don't know.

But it sure as hell will bring an end to the murderous

career of Charles Sobhraj.

Patrick King

--- "Kerry J. Schooley" <gsp.schoo@murderout>


> At 06:14 PM 19/10/2007, Patrick wrote:

> >I'm

> >not looking for emotional satisfaction. I'm not

> >looking for revenge. I'm looking for a total

> solution

> >to a very specific problem once and for all.


> Then it's hard to understand how you might be

> encouraged by the

> history of capital punishment. Not much evidence of

> a total solution

> there. The pursuit of a total solution is pretty

> noirish stuff

> though, providing great examples of how we are

> doomed, or screwed,

> often by our own best intentions.


> Best,

> Kerry




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