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Date: 20 Oct 2007

And the Poe connection to crime fiction with his invention of Dupin relates him to what would become noir, not to mention his fascination with doomed characters obsessed with dead women.
  By the way, you might all be interested in the dust I've kicked up in Philly and Baltimore over the last few weeks. I wrote a piece for the Phila City Paper claiming Philly as the most deserving home of Poe and some Baltimoreans (understandably) have called for my head (well, one of them promised to punch me in the eye). I've been interviewed on TV and the radio (with more to come next week). You can find lots of links to whole imbroglio at my blog and at the Philadelphia Inquirer:
  There's even a poll for you to vote where Poe "should" be buried.
  The Bibliothecary, a blog of literary endeavour

Michael Robison <> wrote:
          Mark wrote:

No Poe? Have you read Cawelti's Adventure, Mystery and Romance
(those words may actually be in a different order)? He addresses some of the things you say at the end of your post.

*************** Oh yeah. I reread some Poe and added a few new ones. That post was just a quick and dirty rundown. I left out a lot. Like Coleridge's Rime of the Ancient Mariner. Machiavelli's Prince. You are right, though. I should have mentioned Poe. The Fall of the House of Usher is noirish. Gothic. The Black Cat is a new one that definitely weighed in on the noir side. Message in a Bottle seemed a play on Ancient Mariner, but not very exciting beyond that. I think Poe has been a major influence on American literature.

And thank you for the Cawelti reference. I haven't read it. I'll look for it.


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