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Date: 15 Oct 2007

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Nathan Cain wrote:
> I enjoyed the essay. I think Tough Luck is Starr's
> best novel, too. The final scene is one of the best
> endings ever.
> ************
> I didn't like the book. The protagonist seemed to
> just barely care about his predicament and I couldn't
> care much more. It left me with no feeling
> whatsoever, unlike all the books I enjoy that make a
> big impact. I didn't go back for more.
> miker

Tough Luck was my least favorite of Starr's books. I started with Nothing Personal, which has remained my favorite, but I think his complexity of character has deepened with Lights Out and The Follower. Somebody complained that his "characters bring on their own fate." Well, of course! That's been the key to good fiction since Aristotle taught it. Vicki

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