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Date: 11 Oct 2007

I trust you're NOT arguing that because the info came from Guttman, Brigid was NOT dangerous. Spade had every reason to doubt everything everyone in this novel told him. Of all the characters, however, Guttman has a selective sense of ethics. His psychosis is interestingly portrayed. I believe he was based on the popular image of Aleister Crowley, an English occultist and Masonic history buff who was much in the news at the time Falcon was written. Guttman sort of predates Hannibal Lecheter, who thinks nothing of killing people but would never be rude. Spade certainly knows Brigid is dangerous by the time of Guttman's warning. That's also how Bogart plays it, too. He reads the line "dangerous?" very sarcastically.

Patrick King
--- William Ahearn <> wrote:

> --- Patrick King <> wrote:
> > Spade says "Dangerous?" and Guttman affirms,
> "Very."
> >
> And Gutman is a font of reliable information? It
> could
> be argued that Gutman was planting seeds that would
> grow into doubt to weaken an alliance that could
> work
> against him. True or not, Spade had every reason to
> weigh that information carefully. To me, this
> exchange
> shows that each is out for their own no matter how
> they may seem to want to work together and that
> shows
> Spade the weaknesses of his enemies.
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