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Date: 05 Oct 2007

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> Definitely a hard boiled egg, and heroically so.
> So much so that we want to forget that list of
> reasons he has for
> throwing Brigid over. The list is a repudiation of
> all the human
> qualities required for romantic and Christian love
> to flourish, but
> Spade relies on logic and represses his romantic
> inclinations. He has
> no faith that love and passion can transcend the
> problems of the
> world as he experiences them.
*************************************** I think you're missing the whole point here. Spade was always playing Brigid. He was never in love with her. He knew by the time he put her and Joel together, that it was she who killed Miles AND Thrusby. That whole speech at the end is said sarcastically as Bogart does it. "I hope they don't hang you by that pretty neck"
"I'll be waiting for you." He's kidding her and it dawns on her, as Mary Astor shows, that it's she who's been played this time. Bridgid is a sociopath, just as crazy as the rest of them; maybe a little worse. And Sam Spade is under no illusion. He knew she was lying when she first came into his office but she overpaid him enough so it didn't matter.

Patrick King

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