Re: RARA-AVIS: Kind of Blue

Date: 21 Aug 2007

miker wrote:

"Interesting coincidence. With no recall of ever before hearing of a CD called Kind of Blue, . . ."

Get thee to a music store! The bestselling jazz album of all time. Not that bestsellerdom is necessarily an endorsement, but the popularity of this one is well deserved. And I'd be surprised if you didn't find you had heard some of the tunes, like "So What?"

". . . I find a reference to it in two books in a row, Connelly's Echo Park and Huston's Caught Stealing."

Wasn't Echo Park the one the hardback of which came with a jazz compilation CD?

"I haven't finished reading it but Echo Park is fantastic. It was good to see Harry Bosch again. I was looking at the list of his books in the front and it came to me that I might have read more Connelly novels than any other author."

For me that would be either Ross Thomas (20) or Ken Bruen (also 20, if you count his collaboration with Jason Starr). Oh, John D MacDonald is up there, too, as I've read a few standlones along with all of the Travis McGees.

"I kinda turned away a few years ago to read some other authors and they stacked up on me."

I'm going through the same thing with Ian Rankin. It's been a few years snce I've read him and I got several books behind. I'm now about 100 pages into The Falls. Damn, Rankin can write. His plotting has gotten far more intricate (along with the detail of police procedures) over the years, but none of it is superfluous.

Probably pick up another Connelly soon, as I am several behind on him, too.


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