Re: RARA-AVIS: Archer/Ross Macdonald

Date: 21 Aug 2007

> As far as MikeR's generous offer to provide a more detailed report
> into Macdonald's writing, I personally welcome that. That's the type
> of thing that makes this group unique and worth being a member of--
> instead of people just expressing their likes and dislikes, there's
> a willingness for more critical examination. Plus, as a writer, that
> type of insight from MikeR would be invaluable.

I'm curious too. I've only read The Chill, and that was years ago, I didn't have a strong negative reaction like I've had with some, but thought McDonald didn't live up to the hype. certainly he didn't impress me the way many other authors, both classic and contemporary have. so yeah, I too would very much like to see what bugged Miker about Ross McDonald in particular, because I never gave it much thought beyond what I just expressed

John Lau

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