From: Alan K. Rode (
Date: 26 Jul 2007

I thought I would jump in here from the lurking-in-the-shadows mode and introduce myself. I am Alan K. Rode, big time noir reader, aficionado and writer.


A snapshot of my dark druthers:


Of the old masters, I dig Chandler, Hammett, Woolrich, Bezzerides, Carter Brown and Thompson. Modern noir authors who stir my sluggish blood include Ellroy, Connelly, Kem Nunn and Terrill Lankford's two book saga, Earthquake Weather and Blonde Lightning.


I am also tied in with the Film Noir Foundation and would like to make a slight correction to Vince's post concerning The Window.


Warner Bros. was nice enough to do the restoration of The Window at the Foundation's urging. They did so at no cost to us and then graciously put the Foundation's logo on the restored print along with another restoration of the Garfield flick Nobody Lives Forever. The print is indeed gorgeous-we screened in January 2006 in San Francisco-and it will be great if Bruce Goldstein has it dialed in for his N.Y. Noir Festival which looks to be a terrific line-up.


A significant project that is coming to fruition is the Film Noir Foundation's partnership with UCLA that will soon result in a new print of The Prowler, a major film noir restoration that we are very excited about.


Alan K. Rode



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