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From: Allan Guthrie (
Date: 01 Aug 2007

I'd suggest that many of David Goodis's protagonists are victims of circumstance.

How about the protagonist of THE ROAD? I didn't spot the part where he transgresses, but he steals to survive so I suppose it depends whose morals we're talking about.

Several Woolrich protagonists are non-transgressing victims.

Stephen King's MISERY -- unless killing off a fictional character is a moral transgression.

I'd also suggest that in McGivern's THE BIG HEAT, the protagonist is doomed the moment his car explodes (ie before he commits any act of transgression).


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  Kerry J. Schooley wrote:

  In noir the characters are doomed regardless of
  whether their behaviour is moral, normal, ethical or

  Can you list five noir novels where the protagonist is
  doomed but has committed no moral transgression?


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