Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: Point Blank vs. The Hunter vs. Payback

Date: 24 Jul 2007

Mark wrote:

"God, I love Butcher's Moon. It's the payoff for the whole series. I'm re-reading it now as my palette cleanser from Harry Potter. Whoo! Viva Parker!"

I initially read the Parkers as I found them, starting with the Berkeley Medallion, Violent World of Parker series edition of Slayground, with a big #1 on its cover. Point Blank was #2.

When I finally found them all, I reread the series in succession. Although they certainly stood up well on their own, I got a lot more out of them in order. Although Westlake has made it clear that the first was written as a standlone, and the ending was just changed when Pocket Books said they were interested in making it a series, the first four really do seem to have been plotted together. Same with the last few, from Slayground through Butcher's Moon. What a great series.


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