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That's the second mention of the Simon I've come across today. Haven't read it but it sounds like fun. Also came across some other names that were new to me in this recent piece on black crime fiction by Brian Lindenmuth at Mystery Bookspot. He says in the comments that it's his first article. It's long but it's highly digestible and extremely informative. I hope there's more to come.

The above also got me looking through my Donald Goines novels, and I noticed that the protagonist of WHITE MAN'S JUSTICE, BLACK MAN'S GRIEF (which I haven't yet read) is called Chester Hines.


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  Mario wrote:

  "I strongly suggest (though it's your money) that you give Himes's
  Harlem novels the full treatment. They make up a great body of work."

  A few years ago, Payback Press (UK) put all eight novels out in three
  volumes of three books each (adding Plan B to the third volume). Each
  is prefaced by an essay (for instance, Himes's Dilemma of a Black Writer
  in America in the second). Unfortunately, I think they are now out of

  "Himes rocks! . . . I guess you have guessed by now that I am a longtime
  Himes fan... Ever
  since I found Blind Man with a Pistol (great title, by the way)."

  Great title and great book.

  I have an old Black Lizard I've never read, Coffin & Co by Niami Simon.
  According to the back cover, it's about two cops who have convinced
  their co-workers that they were the inspiration for Coffin Ed and
  Gravedigger Jones. Now they set out to convince Himes not to end the
  series. I kept meaning to read this after finishing the Harlem Cycle
  (as Payback Press calls it), but still haven't. Is it any good?



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