From: Racerick75@aol.com
Date: 13 Jul 2007

THE BACK ALLEY, a new webzine devoted to hardboiled, PI, and noir short stories and commentary, is officially launched. We went live at 9:30 this morning.

On deck in the first issue are stories by Edgar and Macavity Award Winner G. Miki Hayden; Derringer Award Winner Stephen D. Rogers; Anthony and Shamus Award Nominee Jack Bludis; Mike Hammer screenwriter John Lau; and Shamus Award Nominee Eric Shane, appearing for the first time under this pen name. We're also including a classic public domain tale from Carroll John Daly, and the usual editorial ramblings by your faithful scribe.

You can find it at www.backalleywebzine.com . We'll look forward to seeing you there! R

Richard Helms, Editor THE BACK ALLEY www.backalleywebzine.com From Barbadoes Hall Communications a thrilling little publisher

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