RARA-AVIS: la noir

From: Frederick Zackel ( fzackel@wcnet.org)
Date: 13 Jul 2007

"L.A. is a small town," Gittes said. Well, Los Angeles County has 88 cities, and I need a fix. I miss the eucalyptus smells of Nichols Canyon and those arch sunsets by Monet when I'm stuck on the 405. I am missing my In-and-Out chocolate shakes and the pool table at Hinano's in Venice. Barney's beanery & the brandy and sodas at the Pink Palace at night. God, do I miss Musso & Franks salads. Walking the hillside streets of Pasadena before the smog wakes up. And prowling the freeway after midnight. ("I'll race you to Laguna Beach.") I miss bird of paradise plants and swimming pool blue.

What would be some of the new and better Los Angeles noir books worth reading?

Fred Zackel

whose Internet Explorer crashed like a corpse this past week, making me miss all the action.

"It was a warm night and the soft breeze wafting over the Hollywood hills didn't only bring the acrid smell of wild sage further inland, but blackmail, broads and blood too."

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