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Date: 03 Jul 2007

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> > FWIW, The Hot Spot was directed by Dennis Hopper, so
> > it's Hopper or Truffaut, more specifically. It's
> > certainly Johnson's best work and one of the few
> > great
> > modern noir films.
> >
> Johnson's best work? I can't even take that seriously.
> I'm not trying to be difficult or sound like some kind
> of a snob -- a snob I am not -- but please.

What are you talking about? THE HOT SPOT is widely regarded as Johnson's great artistic achievement, surpassing even the landmark work that is HARLEY DAVIDSON AND THE MARLBORO MAN (known to scholars as simply 'BRO). In his 1996 work THE INFLUENCE OF DON JOHNSON ON MODERN BALLET, Professor Josef King states "In The Hot Spot, Hopper didn't know his ass from a hole in the ground. He was too busy sucking gas and humping tree stumps. Johnson effectively took the directorial reins and guided the movie to a place rarely glimpsed in cinema history, a nirvana state where all the arts meet in a glorious union of aesthetic and intellectual ideals."

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