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Date: 12 Jul 2007

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> I have a hard time taking THIS seriously. You sure
> sound like a snob! Have you seen the movie? It started
> the career of Jennifer Connelly, included a wonderful
> performance by Virginia Madsen a la Stanwick. If
> you're so narrow minded you can't see past Miami Vice
> and all the money Johnson made from that, so you just
> naturally have to dismiss the name, well, who could
> possibly take you seriously? There was a time I felt
> that way about John Travolta, and I was wrong, too. In
> the hands of the right director, even you might pull
> off a good performance. The Hot Spot is a good story,
> sensibly crafted, well directed, with a series of fine
> performances. I can think of several "classic" noirs
> that don't measure up to it.

Don Johnson is at his best as a performer when utilizing his charisma in the service of playing shitheels

John Lau

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