RE: RARA-AVIS: The Third Man

From: Anders Engwall (
Date: 29 Jun 2007

Well, I finished it, and it was rubbish indeed. Arguably one of Hitchcock's worst, and I've seen most of 'em. Totally pointless. But check out Francois Truffaut's interview book with Hitch and you'll find a much better ending that never was.

Btw, I checked your webpage , and I must say I disagree about NORTH BY NORTHWEST and THE BIRDS, I actually like them. But what the heck, everyone has seen those already.


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> Well, I checked that preface again and Greene says
> that Welles really wrote
> it into the script. But who knows?

Like I said, it may be just another stupid and empty snipe at Welles.

> Speaking of adaptions, I'm now taking a break in the
> middle of Hitchcock's
> "Suspicion". So far it is a stupid, stiff, boring
> melodrama, and I am very
> tempted to give it up.

You'll get no argument from me. One of Hitchcock's many non-movies.


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