RARA-AVIS: Re: rural settings?

From: Vince Emery ( vince@emery.com)
Date: 23 Jun 2007

Hammett's first Continental Op story, "Arson Plus," is rural, as is the comic western Op tale, "Corkscrew" and the story "Two Sharp Knives" (which Hammett actually titled "To a Sharp Knife," after the saying, "To a sharp knife comes a tough steak").

He wrote the first scene of an uncompleted play called "The Good Meal" set in a farmhouse. The uncompleted autobiographical chunk of his last attempt at a novel, "Tulip," is also rural. And so was about a quarter of his novel
"The Dain Curse."

The novel "Velvet Vixen" by Australian author K.T. McCall is mostly set in the middle of woods and farms in Canada.

And remember Joe Gores, whose latest novel starts in an African game preserve, then bounces back and forth between rural woods and Washington D.C. His novel "Wolf Time" is mostly in the woods, and his Edgar-winning short story "Goodbye, Pops" uses a rural setting for effective dramatic effect.

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