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Date: 23 Jun 2007

James M. Cain's The Postman Always Rings Twice is a rural setting as is his novel The Butterfly, Serenade moves from the Mexican desert to LA and NYC, but much of the significant actions takes place in Mexico.

Patrick King
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> Hammett's first Continental Op story, "Arson Plus,"
> is rural, as is the
> comic western Op tale, "Corkscrew" and the story
> "Two Sharp Knives" (which
> Hammett actually titled "To a Sharp Knife," after
> the saying, "To a sharp
> knife comes a tough steak").
> He wrote the first scene of an uncompleted play
> called "The Good Meal" set
> in a farmhouse. The uncompleted autobiographical
> chunk of his last attempt
> at a novel, "Tulip," is also rural. And so was about
> a quarter of his novel
> "The Dain Curse."
> The novel "Velvet Vixen" by Australian author K.T.
> McCall is mostly set in
> the middle of woods and farms in Canada.
> And remember Joe Gores, whose latest novel starts in
> an African game
> preserve, then bounces back and forth between rural
> woods and Washington
> D.C. His novel "Wolf Time" is mostly in the woods,
> and his Edgar-winning
> short story "Goodbye, Pops" uses a rural setting for
> effective dramatic
> effect.
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