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Date: 05 Jun 2007

Haven't read any Dratler books, but IMPACT was another Noir based on a JD story, and he contributed to the script for CALL NORTHSIDE 777.

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david david <> wrote:
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> Hey! Has anyone seen the movie,The Dark Corner?
> Thanks!
> Jeff
 i saw it quite a few years ago & can remember thinking
 it was a pretty competent film but not nearly as good
 as Kiss Of Death, which Hathaway made the following
 year. Jay Dratler, who wrote the screenplay for The
 Dark Corner, wrote the novel Pitfall, which was made
 into a good little B noir picture directed by Andre De
 Toth. I have the novel Pitfall on the shelf but I've
 yet to read it. Anyone read this or anything by
 Dratler worth reading?
 Speaking of noir films, I saw some cool rarities at
 the Palm Springs noir fest this past weekend, most
 prominently Fritz Lang's While The City Sleeps, and
 the very rare Port of Forty Thieves and The Price of
 It's nice to see these old films on a big screen in a
 big room with a curtain that opens and closes and a
 bar that serves you drinks you can bring into the
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